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These Terms of Use (Terms) were last updated on July 20, 2022.

theeducation.net mission is to improve lives through learning. We enable anyone, anywhere to create and share educational content (instructors) and access that educational content to learn (students). We believe our marketplace model is the best way to offer valuable educational content to our users. We need rules to keep our platform and services safe for you, us, and our community of students and instructors. These Terms apply to all of your activities on the theeducation website.

If you publish a course on the theeducation platform, you must also agree to the Instructor Terms. We also provide details regarding our handling of the personal data of our students and instructors in our Privacy Policy. If you use theeducation as part of your employers theeducaiton Business training and development program, you can review our theeducation Business Privacy Statement.

If you live in the Pakistan, by agreeing to these Terms, you agree to resolve disputes with theeducation through binding arbitration (with very limited exceptions, not in court) and waive certain rights to participate in class actions, as detailed in the Dispute Resolution section .

1. Accounts
2. Content Registration and Lifetime Access
3. Payments, Credits and Refunds
4. Rules of content and conduct
5. theducation Rights to Content You Post
6. Use of theeducation at Your Own Risk
7. theeducation Rights
8. Subscription Terms
9. Different Legal Terms
10. Dispute Resolution
11. Updates to these Terms
12. How to contact us
1. Accounts
You need an account for most activities on our platform. Keep your password somewhere safe, as you are responsible for all activity associated with your account. If you suspect someone else is using your account, please let us know by contacting our support team. You must be of legal age in your country to use theeducation.
You need an account for most activities on our platform, including purchasing and accessing content or submitting content for publication. You must provide and continue to provide accurate and complete information, including a valid email address, when creating and maintaining an account. You are fully responsible for your account and everything that happens on your account, including any harm or damage (to us or anyone else) caused by someone using your account without your permission. This means you need to be careful with your password. You may not transfer your account to someone else or use someone elses account. If you contact us to request access to an account, we will not grant you such access unless you provide us with the information we need to prove that you are the owner of that account. In the event of a users death, that users account will be closed.

You may not share your account credentials with anyone else. You are responsible for what happens to your account, and theducation will not intervene in disputes between students or instructors who have shared account credentials. You must notify us immediately if you become aware that someone else may be using your account without your permission (or if you suspect any other breach of security) by contacting our support team. We may request certain information from you to verify that you are the owner of your account.

Students and instructors must be 18 years of age or older to create an account on theeducation and use the Services. If you are under 18 but over the age of consent for online services where you live (for example, 13 in the US or 16 in Ireland), you cannot create an account, but we recommend that you invite a parent or guardian to open an account and helped you access content that is right for you. If you are under this age of consent to use the online services, you cannot create a theeducation account. If we find that you have created an account that violates these rules, we will terminate your account. Under our Instructor Terms, you may be required to verify your identity before you are authorized to submit content for publication on theeducation.

You can close your account at any time by following the steps here. See our Privacy Policy to see what happens when you terminate your account.

2. Content Registration and Lifetime Access
When you enroll in a course or other content, you get a license from us to view it through the theeducation Services and no other use. Do not attempt to transfer or resell the content in any way. We generally grant you a lifetime access license, except when we have to disable content for legal or policy reasons or to sign up through subscription plans.
Under our Instructor Terms, when instructors publish content on theeducation, they grant theeducation a license to license the content to students. This means that we have the right to sublicense the content to enrolled students. When you enroll as a student in a course or other content, whether free or paid, you obtain a license from theeducation to view the content through the theeducation platform and services, and theeducation is the licensor of record. Content is licensed and not sold to you. This license does not give you any right to sell the content in any way (including sharing account information with the buyer or illegally downloading the content and sharing it on torrent sites).

In the Legal Fuller Terms, theeducation grants you (as the student) a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and view the Content for which you have paid all required fees, solely for your personal, non-commercial, educational purposes through the Services, in accordance with these Terms and any terms or restrictions associated with the specific content or functionality of our Services. Any other use is expressly prohibited. You may not reproduce, redistribute, transmit, assign, sell, broadcast, rent, share, lend, modify, edit, modify, create derivative works from, sublicense, or otherwise transfer or use any Content unless we give you express permission to do so. in a written agreement signed by an authorized representative of theeducation. This also applies to content you access through any of our APIs.

We generally grant our students a lifetime access license when they enroll in a course or other content. However, we reserve the right to withdraw any license to access and use any content at any time if we decide or are required to disable access to the content for legal or policy reasons, for example if a course or other content you have enrolled in is the subject of a complaint to copyright infringement or if we find that it violates our Trust and Safety Guidelines. This Lifetime Access License does not apply to subscription plans or additional features and services associated with the Course or other content you enroll in. For example, teachers can choose to no longer provide at any time