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Top Visual Studio Code Extensions. 1

Live Server. 1

Remote SSH.. 1

Peacock. 1

Prettier. 1

Relative Path. 1

VSCode-Icons. 1

GitLens. 2

Import Cost. 2

JavaScript Code Snippets. 2

Tabnine. 2

Auto Rename Tag. 2

Code Spell Checker. 2

Conclusion: Harnessing the Power of VS Code Extensions. 2

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In a survey conducted by developers in 2021, a significant 74.48% out of 82,277 participants declared using Visual Studio Code for their coding endeavors. The popularity of Visual Studio Code continues to rise, showcasing its versatility and user-friendly features.

Why Choose Visual Studio Code?

Visual Studio Code allows users to install various language support, tools, and debugging features, streamlining the development workflow. Its vast range of extensions makes it a comprehensive choice for developers, facilitating a tailored coding environment.

Top Visual Studio Code Extensions

Live Server

Live Server stands out as a popular extension offering real-time reload features. It eliminates the need to manually refresh the browser after each code update, providing an efficient and seamless coding experience.

live server extension to auto refresh browser in visual code

Remote SSH

This extension proves invaluable for connecting to remote machines using SSH servers. It enables developers to work on a local machine while effortlessly connecting to a live server, executing commands, and implementing changes seamlessly.

remote SSH extension to manage live server code in visual studio code


Peacock proves to be an excellent VS Code extension, allowing users to customize the color of their Visual Studio Code environment or workspace. This feature becomes particularly handy when working with multiple instances of VS Code, making it easy to identify and distinguish between different instances.

peacock extension to change the workspace color of visual studio code


The Prettier extension is a time-saving tool that streamlines code formatting, allowing developers to focus on delivering their code efficiently. This extension automatically formats code and resolves issues, such as managing double quotes and semicolons. It significantly reduces the time spent on manual formatting.

prettier extension to formate code in visual studio code

Relative Path

The Relative Path extension is exceptionally helpful, earning its spot as a top VS Code extension. Finding the relative path within a project can be challenging, but this extension simplifies the process. It enables users to effortlessly add any file to another file without worrying about manually determining the relative path. Users only need to provide the filename they want to add, and the extension takes care of defining the path automatically.

relative path extension in visual studio code


The VSCode-Icons extension is a game-changer, creating descriptive icons for folders and files. It simplifies code navigation, especially in team projects, by providing visual cues that make understanding the project structure a breeze.vscode icons for files and folders extension in visual studio


GitLens proves to be an invaluable extension when collaborating on GitHub. With multiple contributors working on the same project, GitLens makes it easy to comprehend who contributed code and when. It enhances collaboration by offering insights into the timeline of code pushes.

gitlens extension supercharge git in VS code

Import Cost

The Import Cost extension is a must-have, as it reveals the size of imported packages. Whenever you import a package into your project, this extension inline displays the package's size. It's a handy tool for developers mindful of optimizing their project's size.

import cost package size checker extension in VS code

JavaScript Code Snippets

The JavaScript Code Snippets extension provides snippets for JavaScript ES6 syntax, proving highly useful for the VS Code editor. Supporting both JavaScript and TypeScript, this extension significantly improves the development experience by offering quick and easy access to commonly used code snippets.

javascript ES6 code snippets extension in VS code editor


Tabnine stands out as a smart innovation for Visual Studio Code. It's a unique AI-powered code completion extension designed to boost your productivity. The free version is tailored for junior developers working solo or in small teams, while the advanced version caters to the needs of professional developers seeking additional features.

tabnine ai autocomplete code extension in visual studio code

Auto Rename Tag

In the realm of extensive project design, the Auto Rename Tag extension proves invaluable. Managing closing tags, especially in languages like HTML, becomes seamless as this extension automatically closes tags, streamlining the coding process.

auto remane tab extension in visual studio code

Code Spell Checker

A fundamental extension, Code Spell Checker enhances your coding experience by checking for spelling errors. It ensures that your code remains clean and error-free, contributing to efficient development.

code spelling checker extension in visual studio code

Conclusion: Harnessing the Power of VS Code Extensions

In this blog, we've explored various Visual Studio Code extensions and how they can positively impact your coding workflow. The choice of which extensions to install depends on your specific project requirements. Visual Studio Code offers a plethora of extensions, allowing you to tailor your development environment to suit your needs. We hope you found this blog informative and encourage you to explore and experiment with different VS Code extensions for an enriched coding experience.


Q: What is Visual Studio Code, and why is it popular?

A: Visual Studio Code, commonly known as VS Code, is a highly popular code editor renowned for its lightweight design, extensive library of extensions, and strong support from Microsoft.

Q: How does the Auto Close Tag extension in VS Code simplify coding?

A: The Auto Close Tag extension in VS Code automatically closes tags, saving time and preventing common issues like unclosed tags, especially in HTML, XML, React, and other popular frameworks.

Q: What's the purpose of the Better Comments extension in VS Code?

A: The Better Comments extension enhances code comments by adding colors and visual appeal, making them more engaging, which is particularly helpful for collaborative work.

Q: What does the Github Copilot extension offer to web developers in VS Code?

A: Github Copilot in VS Code provides real-time code and function suggestions across various programming languages using OpenAI Codex. It's a valuable coding companion trained on extensive code repositories.

Q: How does the Live Server extension enhance web development in VS Code?

A: The Live Server extension simplifies web development by opening your project in a web browser, automatically refreshing the page upon saving, eliminating the need for manual page reloading, and increasing productivity.

Q: Is Visual Studio Code available for free, and how do I install it?

A: Yes, Visual Studio Code is free to download and use. You can download it from the official website for various operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Q: What programming languages does Visual Studio Code support out of the box?

A: Visual Studio Code supports a wide range of programming languages and offers syntax highlighting, IntelliSense, and debugging support for languages like JavaScript, Python, Java, C++, and many more.

Q: How can I manage my project's source code using Git in Visual Studio Code?

A: Visual Studio Code has built-in Git integration. You can initialize a Git repository, commit changes, and push to remote repositories right from the editor. You can also use popular Git extensions for more advanced functionality.

Q: Are there any recommended extensions for web development in Visual Studio Code?

A: Yes, there are several popular extensions for web development, including Live Server for quick preview, Prettier for code formatting, and ESLint for code linting. You can explore and install extensions from the Visual Studio Code marketplace.

Q: How can I customize the appearance and behavior of Visual Studio Code to suit my preferences?

A: Visual Studio Code offers a wide range of customization options. You can change themes, install extensions, and configure settings in the settings.json file. Additionally, there are many community-created themes and extensions available.


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