What is Laravel UI in Laravel:

Let's Understand this better.

After Installing Laravel , let's understand Laravel UI.

In this post we will give you Laravel 9 Login Registration | Laravel 9 Auth, hear for Laravel 9 Login Registration | Laravel 9 Auth we will give you details about it.

Install Laravel 9.0 For Login Registration:

To install Laravel 9.0 you need to launch composer create-project as usual and then you need to an application using bellow command, So open your terminal OR command prompt and run bellow command:

composer create-project laravel/laravel example-app-9

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Laravel UI Installation:

After Installing Laravel 9 we need to install laravel/ui package in order to generate authentication in laravel 9.

To Install run the composer command;

composer require laravel/ui

if you want to install a specific version of UI then run the below command.

composer require laravel/ui:^3.4

After Composer installation runs artisan command to generate scaffolding. you can bootstrap or vue or react any of them laravel/ui for Login Registration.

Generate basic scaffolding and login and registration for bootstrap.

php artisan ui bootstrap --auth

npm install

if you face any error while running the above command, then please check that you have installed node.js in your system. if not, then please first install node.js and run below commands

node -v (to check the node version installed in your system)

npm -v (to check the version of npm)

npm install -g npm (this command is used to install npm globally in your system)

After installing node, then again run

npm install

Now you need to run these 2 commands

php artisan view:clear

php artisan config:clear


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