How to Install Xampp Server

XAMPP stands for cross, Apache, MariaDB, Perl, and PHP. A free and open-source web server, allows you to develop WordPress websites offline on your system using a local webserver. XAMPP is a cross-platform server that users can install on almost all types of operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and macOS. It allows users to create and manipulate databases in SQLite and MariaDB.

The two commonly used components of XAMPP are Apache and MySQL. Apache is used to set up the local web server and using SQL, you can create databases for your website. XAMPP is available in two different versions: Standard and Full. You can install one from both based on your system requirements.

In this guide, we will learn how to install the XAMPP server on Windows Server 2022.


  • Running Windows Server 2022
  • A user should have enough Privileges to install an application.

Installation of XAMPP server on Windows Server 2022:

Follow the below-mentioned steps to install the XAMPP server on your system

Step 1:

Download XAMPP Installer or Setup:

To install XAMPP on Windows Server, we need a XAMPP installer or setup file. Download the XAMPP installer for Windows from the official Apache Friends website. Here, different XAMPP versions are available. Click on Download (64 bit).

Step 1

The selected installer will be downloaded to your system.

Step 2:

Run installer to install XAMPP Server:

Once the XAMPP is downloaded, right-click on the installer to open the installation Wizard.

Click on the Next to proceed with the installation process.

In the Select components wizard, choose the components that you want to install on your system. You can also uncheck components that you dont want to install. Therefore, the already selected gray components are the necessary parts for the XAMPP installation. Further, click on the Next.

Now, you will select the location in which folder you want to install XAMPP. Choose the folder to install XAMPP. Alternatively, if you want to continue with the default directory, click on Next.

Select the language that you want to use in the XAMPP control panel. The default language is English but you can also change it according to your requirements. Click on Next to move ahead.

Now, the setup is ready to install XAMPP on Windows Server. Click on Next.

In a while, the installation will start on your system. It will install all necessary components and information will be displayed about Bitnami for XAMPP. It provides free and open-source installers that can install Joomla, WordPress, and many other popular applications.

Once the installation of the XAMPP server is completed, click on the Finish to quit the installation wizard.

Step 3:

Launch XAMPP on Windows Server:

When you finish the XAMPP installation, it will ask you do you want to start the control panel now? Here, if you will mark the box as a check, the XAMPP server control panel will immediately launch on your system after completing the XAMPP installation.

On the other hand, you can also launch the XAMPP server from the windows start menu using the search bar.

Click on the XAMPP control panel to launch it on your Windows Server.

When the XAMPP server will run on your system, you will observe that services are not running by default. However, click on the Start button to start the required services such as Apache, MySQL, FileZilla, Mercury, and Tomcat.

Now, you can easily manage all services using the control panel options. You can also check the Process ID (PID) and Port number of the running services.

Congratulations! XAMPP is successfully installed on your system. You can start and use it on the Windows server now.


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