How to install Laravel on Windows:


Laravel is a free and open source web framework written in PHP. It is created by Taylor Otwell. It follows MVC development approach. As of March, 2015, Laravel is regarded as one of the most popular PHP based framework. It provides advanced alternative to CodeIgniter which is not intended to built-in user authorization. In this tutorial, we will install Laravel on MacOS.

Install composer on Windows:

How to install composer on windows 10 xampp. In this post, i will show you how to install composer on windows 10 xampp. And as well as how to check composer is installed or not in windows.

Follow below given steps to install composer on windows 10:

Step 1: Download Composer .exe File

In first step 1, you need to open your browser and type getcomposer. Then visit on www.getcomposer.org. And download composer. If you already composer download / installed Composer. So, you need to move on next step.

Click Download Composer from www.getcomposer.org.

How to install composer

Step 2 – Run the setup and Install Composer:

In step 2, click on download composer.exe file. Then open one prompt box;

Step 1 to install composer

Now Set PHP path and click on next;

Step 2 how to install composer

If you have any proxy URL enter here, don’t know to leave it to click next;

Step 3 How to install composer

Now, review the composer setup wizard. And click on install.

Step 4 How to install composer

Composer has been installed successfully. Click to finish button.

Step 3 – How to check composer is installed or not in windows:

Now, open your terminal and type the following command on command prompt:

composer -v

After run the above command on cmd. If You will look like the image given below. So composer successfully installed on your windows 10 xampp.

Command for checking composer

After installing composer run the below commands to install laravel project;

go to your xampp folder and create a new folder in which you want to install laravel. After creating the folder open that folder in your terminal like you can see in this lecture Click here to see the lecture and run the below command.

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel:^9.0 project_name

this command will install Laravel and other dependencies with it also generate the ANSI key.


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